Wherever we go, and whatever we do, we have an impact. Let's make sure it’s a positive one. Do it #thekernowway.

Clean Cornwall is asking Cornish residents, visitors and business owners to consider how we can all minimise our impact as we step into one of the busiest summers we've ever had.

So whether you are a local, or here on holiday..
we all have a shared responsibility to look after this special place.
We call it the Kernow Way.

The Kernow Way means...

We are responsible for all of the rubbish we create - so bag it, bin it or take it home.
If you come across an overflowing bin, please report it here before the seagulls find it!
We can all minimise our waste in the first place by refusing unnecessary packaging and always remembering our reusable containers and coffee cups.

Cornwall welcomes the refill movement so don't be afraid to ask our amazing cafes to stock up your lunch boxes, coffee cups and water bottles. You can download the official ReFILL app to help you or check out our brand new Plastic Free Shopping directory.
Urgh dog poo! We all hate it and it can ruin our outdoor walks, runs and playtime. So we are asking everyone to go that extra mile to make sure we are always prepared when out with our pets. Use this map to identify the closest bin along your dog walks, OR if you have noticed a particular problem area that needs some attention, report it here.
If prosecuted for failing to pick up after your pooch you could face a fine of up to £1000. So let's work together to combat the dog poo problem. Once and for all.
Come and be climate canny with us by choosing to walk or cycle where you can. Plus the way to experience this place is through your senses, not a car window.
There is nothing better than sleeping under the stars, but unfortunately irresponsible wild camping is putting our beautiful natural landscapes at risk. We are seeing a rise in a type of littering called 'fly camping', that is when litter and other types of human waste are left behind. We are urging everyone to be responsible this summer. Follow the signs, help others in understanding what is and isn't acceptable and book ahead if you are planning a visit to Cornwall.

See here for guidance on wild camping legally and safely.

Always #leavenotrace.
We are so lucky to give home to such an amazing variety of life in Cornwall. But our wildlife is under threat and it needs our help and respect. We need to stop our rubbish ending up in the environment where it becomes a threat to wildlife through entanglement and ingestion. And we need to share our wild spaces in a way that does not harm or distress wildlife.

Animals need space to breed, feed, recover and thrive so let's give them that.

The Cornwall Marine and Coastal Code will show you how to have amazing and positive encounters with wildlife.
Bodyboarding is so much fun! But we have a big problem. Cheap polystyrene bodyboards are polluting our beaches and filling up our landfill sites with waste that cannot degrade or be recycled. Keep Britain Tidy report that 16,000 snappable bodyboards end up left behind on UK beaches every year. The problem with these brightly coloured polystyrene boards is they easily break and when they do they leave millions of tiny polystyrene balls on the beach and in the sea which are then mistaken for food by wildlife!

So it's time to ride the wave of change. Buy good quality boards that will last, or even better, a wooden one! Or try renting from the many surf shops you find in Cornwall.

Find out more about the #waveofwaste and what you can do.


In Cornwall we say 'Doing it dreckly'.
We are renowned for going at a much slower pace, and it might take us a while to get round to things.
But really, 'Doing it dreckly' means much more than that.

It means live and enjoy the moment.
Go slow and soak up everything that is special about this place.
We are so lucky to be here.
Love where you live.
Love where you are.

Do it #thekernowway.