Stop Litter. Will You Pick it Up?

Supported by Rodda's we took to the streets of Falmouth and Truro to ask one question.... Will you pick it up?

In September 2015 as part of Clean Cornwall Week, supported by Rodda's, we conducted an experiment to find out how many people would pick up litter on their local high street.

This video shows the surprising results. 

In two hours Falmouth and Truro, 266 people walked within a metre of the rubbish; only 2 people stopped to put it in a nearby bin (that’s less than 1%). 

Looking at the video it proves just how easy it is to forget that we all have a part to play in looking after our local environment. Simple actions can help stop litter, like taking litter home, binning a piece of rubbish you see in the street or on a beach, or joining a local litter pick. Paying more attention to how we create litter in the first place, and understanding what we can do to easily reduce this, is a big part of the discussions we hope this video encourages. 

Our sponsor Nicholas Rodda, Managing Director of Rodda’s has this to say about the campaign: “At Rodda’s we’re proud of the beautiful Cornish countryside and our fantastic high streets. We are supporting this initiative to highlight the importance of all doing our bit to keep Cornwall clean. During the experiment, we were delighted to thank Nick and Catherine for picking up litter by giving them a celebratory Rodda’s cream tea.”