So long single use plastic, so long.

Make one change. When it becomes second nature, make another.

If you have been inspired by our Turn On The Tap campaign and are looking for other ways in which to ditch single use plastic from your life (our bins, our landfill and our environment) then here are our favourite changes to try: 

Take notice: 

Identify where single use plastics are creeping into your life. Is it plastic shopping bags? Plastic bottles? Packaging? Once you notice this, you can start to take steps to find alternatives to these items.

Choose local: 

Shop at your greengrocer, your butcher, your baker. Make the most of farm shops and local markets. More often than not they use a lot less plastic packaging for their produce. 

Ditch the disposables:

When you are out and about refuse the takeaway.. take your own refill water flask or thermos cup for your coffee. Make your lunch and carry it in reusable containers. Say no to plastic straws! 

Find the alternative:

Look for glass jars instead of plastic squeezy options. Buy laundry detergent in cardboard packaging, generally try and buy less individually wrapped snacks and products. 

Give up Gum: 

Yep! Chewing gum. It is made of a plastic called polyvinyl acetate. Yuk. Fear not though gum chompers - there are plastic free alternatives.

Always always always... 

Shop with reusable shopping bags.