Hold Tight! ...3 steps to stopping balloon litter.

Litter is one of the most widespread pollution problems facing the world’s natural environments, it is also one for which students and children can become an immediate part of the solution.

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The Hold Tight! resources have everything you need to learn about and take action against balloon litter, plastic litter and its impact on our environment. These resources can be adapted to meet the needs of individual groups or classes, and can be delivered as part of an assembly, classroom session or workshop.

2. Hold Tight!

Explore with your students, groups and children the activities within the Hold Tight! resource pack. Activities include scientific experiments, learning about alternatives, story telling and display making. You will also receive a Hold Tight! presentation to help you deliver the Hold Tight! messages to groups big and small. 

3. Share and amplify

Pass on your Hold Tight! story. Tell others what you have learnt and what you would say to someone if you thought they were about to let go of a balloon. These resources can be used by anyone and everyone, wherever you are so spread the word. #holdtight 

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