Become a Clean Cornwall Change-Maker, where you can join other businesses in Cornwall and make a real change by keeping our county thriving and beautiful

For 14 years Clean Cornwall has been working with Cornwall Council, Biffa and various other organisations along with many groups and individual volunteers to keep this wonderful county of ours clean. 

Sadly, the funding we have relied on for all those years from the Council has now ceased so today we are asking for your help to continue our essential work. If you are not familiar with Clean Cornwall, we started in 2005 and were set up with the specific aim of establishing and maintaining Cornwall as the cleanest region in England. It was recognised that litter has a particular impact on tourism in the county, and to exacerbate the issue, with an increase in tourism comes an increase in litter. 

Therefore, Clean Cornwall felt there were economic, environmental and social benefits that could arise from a service that would support the organisation of voluntary litter picks and beach cleans. By providing this service, we now work widely across the county with over 7,000 volunteers, helping groups conduct hundreds of litter picks and beach cleans annually. 

To keep Clean Cornwall alive we are launching Clean Cornwall Change-Makers, where we invite businesses around Cornwall to join us in creating real change for our county. At it’s core, Clean Cornwall Change-Makers represents businesses who want to work together to create a cleaner Cornwall that everyone can enjoy. 

Clean Cornwall is a truly unique voice that represents the people and places of Cornwall. We maintain strong links between community groups and our public services at Cornwall County Council. We understand the grass-root problems community groups are facing, and our diverse partnership is well placed to address these issues and find solutions, together. We have the opportunity to create real systemic change with the launch of our Change-Makers Scheme. Together, we can take the lead in generating a more sustainable future for Cornwall. 

The growing environmental emergency in Cornwall, the UK and world-wide, coupled with the detrimental environmental and social impacts of COVID-19 demonstrates the imminent need for Clean Cornwall’s work. There has never been a greater need for local, community based, environmental initiatives that we hope your business will be able to support. 

Please click here for our information flyer outlining the difference a Change-Makers membership can make. 

Clean Cornwall needs your help to keep our magnificent county clean so please make a difference today and join Clean Cornwall Change-Makers and together, we can keep Cornwall’s environment, economy and communities beautiful and thriving.

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