Band together! - help stop our litter hurting hedgehogs

Litter is a widespread pollution problem facing our wildlife and environment. We can all take part by reducing litter and helping our hedgehog population.

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The things we leave behind, our litter, is having a big effect on our wildlife. We hear more and more about the danger to our sea life, but the wildlife in our countryside, villages and towns is at risk too. It's time to Band Together! to help our hedgehogs and all our small mammals.
These resources can be adapted to meet the needs of individual groups or classes, and can be delivered as part of an assembly, classroom session or workshop.

2. Band Together!

Our free resource pack will provide the information, presentation and activities to help get your class or group started. After learning about the problem, you can then be part of the solution. Working together we can make a real difference for our wildlife.

3. Share the message...

By sharing what you learn and educating others, we can spread the message further, reducing litter in our local area and helping prevent animal injuries. Band Together! is also about taking positive actions to make our communities more wildlife friendly and encourage hedgehogs and other species to have safe homes and habitats.

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Clean Spaces Mean Happy Faces!